Gonçalo Valadão




Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Torre Norte, Piso 10,

Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa,



Torre Norte, Piso 10
Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001  Lisboa


Hello, I am a third year PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at IST.  I work in phase unwrapping and I am advised by Professor José Bioucas-Dias. My interests include image reconstruction/restoration/segmentation, low level computer vision, optimization/graph-cuts.


I have graduated in Engineering Physics at IST DF (Licenciatura — five years degree) and I have earned an MSc in Geographical Information Systems at IST DECivil. Before going into PhD, I have worked in consultancy at Andersen Consulting (when I joined), Accenture (when I left), and in R&D at ICIST.



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