Matlab nonlinear image separation routines

1. Introduction

This page gives access to a set of MATLAB routines used for linear and nonlinear image separation, using the MISEP technique. More specifically, these were the routines used to produce the separation results published in the paper

L. B. Almeida, "Separating a Real-Life Nonlinear Image Mixture", Journal of Machine Learning Research, Vol. 6, pp. 1199-1232, 2005, accessible online at

The routines consist essentially of the MISEP Toolbox, with a few modifications and additions. The documentation included with the routines is an adapted version of the documentation of the MISEP Toolbox.

2. Download

The routines can be downloaded here, as a zip archive.

3. Installation

To install the routines simply unzip all the files contained in the zip archive into a directory of your choice.

4. Documentation

A manual is included with the routines (file 'Manual.pdf').

5. License

These routines are copyright of Luis B. Almeida. Free permission is given for their use for nonprofit research purposes. Any other use is prohibited, unless a specific license is previously obtained. To obtain a license please contact Luis B. Almeida. 

6. Contact

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