Conference Proceedings

The conference included oral and poster presentations with contributed papers, comprising 2 poster sessions and 12 oral sessions (3-5 talks each) including invited talks by key speakers. Furthermore, a round-table discussion was conducted to scrutinize most recent research. Proceedings, comprising all contributed papers and special talks, are available on-line.

The Proceedings of BIANISOTROPICS 2000

Wednesday, 27 Sept. 2000

Thursday, 28 Sept. 2000

Friday, 29 Sept. 2000

Session 1

Complex Media I

Session 5

Nanostructures and Related Topics

Session 9

Chiral Materials and Structures: Theory and Experiments

Session 2

Composite Materials: Theory

Session 6

Bianisotropic Media II

Session 10

Propagation and Scattering

Session 3

Composite Materials: Numerical Studies and Experiments

Session 7

Complex Media: Random and Nonlinear

Session 11

Unconventional Media: Wire, Turbid and Chiroferrite

Poster Session I Poster Session II Round Table - Discussion
Session 4

Bianisotropic Media I

Session 8

Complex Media II

Session 12

Complex Media III

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